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Happy Little Cloud

Bumping along, day by day,

Little Cloud loves to play.


He bounces around, there’s lots to do.

Come and join him,

he’d love to meet you!


Books for children that teach a lesson in a fun and loving way are hard to find.  Little Cloud can help your child understand many of the emotions and situations they will face as they grow.


Each Little Cloud story contains vivid images and stories that build social skills.  These stories may not replace what you already do to help your family learn, but they will enhance your efforts and give a reference point when teaching social skills
Little Cloud Over Town

How Little Cloud Was Created

I have always loved to tell stories and make up fantastic tales.  My son has High-functioning Autism (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome.)  I had a hard time finding good social stories he could relate to when he was younger.  I gained a lot of experience making up stories to help him understand situations and understand other people.  I would often make up amazing stories on his favorite subject to help him understand things better.  Once, I told him a story of a time-traveling tractor.  He loved them.

Little Cloud was “born” on a trip from San Diego to Boston.  I was talking to a delightful lady named Delores.  She pointed out one lonely cloud out the window of the plane.  The sky was as blue as a baby’s eyes, there were no other clouds to be seen.  A story about the lost Little Cloud popped into my head.  I grabbed my laptop and the first story was written before the plane landed.

Later, I realized the potential to use Little Cloud to help children deal with emotions and build social skills.  On the way home from Boston, I wrote another story.  At the urging of family and friends I decided to publish Little Cloud so others could enjoy his adventures.

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